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Bryanna Lee Birth & Wellness

Hello! Bryanna Lee Birth & Wellness is a home-owned business in the small-ish town of Tooele, Utah. Owner, Bryanna Lee, DEM SBD CBE, is passionate about offering services to improve your overall wellness, pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum experiences. 

Bryanna Lee Birth & Wellness provides out-of-hospital midwifery care with Tooele Midwifery, pregnancy and bereavement doula options, placenta processing, childbirth education classes and DoTerra wellness products. Services are currently being offered in Tooele and Salt Lake County.  

If you are BIPOC, age 17 or younger, or LGBTQIA+, please contact Bryanna Lee for discount or scholarship options on services offered.*


*Discounts for midwifery services are solely arranged through Tooele Midwifery and not offered through Bryanna Lee Birth & Wellness 

Bryanna is one of the  sweetest, most sincere, supportive person I've ever met! She was amazing with my daughter and even put up with my husband's ridiculous jokes! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone".

- Shayla, Tooele Midwifery Client

Pregnancy & 

Bereavement Doula 

Bryanna Lee is a certified and registered StillBirthDay Doula. She specializes in pregnancy, infant loss during any trimester, and loss by adoption or termination. 

Placenta Specialist

Bryanna Lee is trained to safely process the placenta organ into different consumption options for use after birth and beyond. I encourage you to check out it's uses and possible benefits!

Childbirth Education Classes

Bryanna Lee is a certified childbirth educator, with knowledge in a variety of methods. Her experience as a birth worker helps her to create a unique learning environment.

DoTerra Wellness Advocate

Bryanna Lee has been using & selling DoTerra Essential Oil products for over 5 years now. She believes in the power of oils as a natural alternative to many lifestyle choices.